The “Laboratory for Biomaterials & Graft Technology” was born over 20 years ago to develop and characterize polymeric biomaterials and biomedical devices for cardiovascular applications.

The research is carried on within national and international projects and collaborations with public institutions and biomedical companies.

The most studied devices at the laboratory are cardiac valves, small-diameter vascular grafts and scaffolds for skin wound healing. The polymeric devices are fabricated through innovative technologies including spray, phase-inversion technology, electrospinning and 3D printing.

Within projects concerning innovative biocompatible materials and tissue engineering, the laboratory has gained experience in the culture of cell lines and in the isolation of human primary cells.

Currently the main activities concern the design and fabrication of bioactive materials for tissue regeneration and for local administration of drugs and bioactive agents in cardiovascular, osteo-articular and wound healing field.


 Researchers  Fellowship
 Soldani Giorgio Barsotti Maria Chiara 
 Losi Paola  Cavallo Aida
 Foffa Ilenia  Buscemi Marianna
Al Kaval Tamer